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Email Marketing Statistics

Home Improvement Marketing

Home Improvement Business Email Marketing Statistics
This guide is the result of a wide ranging summarization of various recently published research studies and surveys conducted by leading industry sources. The statistical information culled from these studies was conjoined with the data obtained from direct querying of a number of home improvement business managers and owners.
Home Improvement Businesses that Engage in Email Marketing
The statistics for home improvement businesses show that 57% engage in email campaigns while 26% plan to do so in the future and a surprising 17% claim that they have no plans to engage their customers through the benefits of email marketing. The larger home improvement businesses that act as national or multinational product providers and distributors are firmly committed to electronic distribution of information and have already implemented and accepted email marketing as fundamental to their promotional activities. Statistics are sometimes hard to interpret as some larger providers and distributors may have an email subscription list numbering in the many thousands, even millions, and yet they count as a single user in this engagement chart, while there may be several thousand small outfits that do not use email marketing at all but by far outweigh the "single user" of the corporate giants. The nature of the home improvement business is so diverse that when it comes to email marketing it is difficult to decipher an accurate overall perspective about the current overall usage. It appears the extremes cancel each other out and the result is reasonably in line with conventional overall averages.
Home Improvement Business Sending Frequency
The sending frequency of home improvement businesses shows that 58% have adopted a greater than monthly frequency for their email marketing newsletters; 37% send their missives out monthly; 2% every two months; 1% quarterly; and 2% seasonal or yearly.
Home Improvement Business Content Type
When it comes to home improvement, businesses' preferred content type for their email campaigns is a blend of information and sales approach. 55% of the content is comprised of informational + sales content; 38% of all newsletters contain informational only content while 7% are sales content only.
How Home Improvement Businesses Obtain Email Subscribers
The subscriber sources for home improvement businesses are skewed heavily toward their current consumer base with 58% being sourced from current clients; 12% from promotional result subscribers; 28% from web derived subscribers; 1% from purchased & supplied leads; and 1% from public promotional events.
Typical Home Improvement Business Email Subscriber List Size
Home improvement businesses' list size tends to be primarily slanted towards the lower end of the scale: 19% of all subscription lists contain less than 500 email addresses; 32% have 500-1,000 entries; 35% contain 1,000-3,000; 6% have 3,000-5,000; and 8% have a list that numbers over 5,000.
Home Improvement Business List Segments
A primary missed opportunity for home improvement businesses is their lack of coherent overall utilization of segmentation procedures: Just 31% say that they use segmentation in their email campaigns while 69% state that they do not.