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The DIY Guide to Email Marketing

Home Improvement Marketing

The data reported in this white paper, Home Improvement: The DIY Guide to Email Marketing, was compiled to achieve insight on the current position of email marketing campaigns for the direct benefit of home improvement promotional managers. The statistics included in this guide are meant to help industry members improve their email marketing efforts by applying the following methods:

Obtaining an overview on the design and activation of social media and email campaigns in order to draw in new clients and reduce the unsubscription rate of existing ones.
Comprehending the obstacles to maintaing compliance with a befuddling tangle of legislation, as well as the self-policing metrics of the Home Improvement industry group.
Gaining perspective on the various strategies used by other home improvement brand directors around the globe.
Practicing efficient online marketing through email customized specifically for your home improvement brand.

A detailed sequence of recently released informational studies were utilized to form the basis of the conclusions in this guide. The brand directors of home improvement concerns around the USA and Canada were surveyed about their views to compose these reports. The figures have come from all sizes of the home improvement sector. The figures compiled by this synthesis can be found in the Home Improvement Email Marketing Survey section.

The prime purpose of this report is to analyze a sequence of queries that most home improvement professionals should be asking to gain perspective into the present performance of their online email marketing.