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Email Marketing Statistics

Manufacturing & Distribution

The manufacturing and distribution business contains an assortment of diverse business units, ranging from multinational manufacturers with operations spread over several continents to small regional distributors where the owner of the business may drive their own van for deliveries. Because of this diversity, the combined industry email and social media marketing statistics may approach a median distribution; additionally, larger businesses may be more likely to utilize email marketing than smaller businesses.
Manufacturing and Distribution Business Email Marketing Statistics
The statistical data contained within this report represents a representative variety of manufacturing and distribution businesses, arrived at through the direct querying of sector business owners and managers.
Manufacturing and Distribution Businesses that Engage in Email Marketing
Of the surveyed, the businesses participating in and not participating in email marketing are roughly equal, at 44 and 43 percent respectively. The remainder indicate a desire to employ email marketing in the future.
Manufacturing and Distribution Business Sending Frequency
Send frequencies for the manufacturing and distribution industry are as follows:

20 percent: more than monthly
45 percent: monthly
13 percent: bi-monthly
17 percent: quarterly
5 percent: seasonally/annually
Manufacturing and Distribution Business Content Type
Content types for the manufacturing and distribution businesses are:

19 percent: informational content only
37 percent: sales content only
44 percent: information combined with sales content
How Manufacturing and Distribution Businesses Obtain Email Subscribers
Subscriber sources for manufacturing and distribution businesses are derived from the following areas:

73 percent – existing customer base
12 percent – Web-derived subscribers
6 percent – promotional results
5 percent – purchased and supplied leads
4 percent – public promotional events
Manufacturing and Distribution Business Email Subscriber List Size
The list size of manufacturing and distribution businesses is considerably larger than for other industries: just 16 percent report less than 500 entries on their subscription list. Thirty-three percent claim between 500 and 1,000; 34 percent report between 1,000 and 3,000; 11 percent state 3,000 to 5,000; and 6 percent show more than 5,000 email addresses on their list.
Manufacturing and Distribution Business List Segments
A scant 18 percent of all owners and managers report segmenting their lists, while 82 percent do not.