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Emails Forwarded

Metrics: Tracking & Reporting

Greek playwright Euripides said “leave no stone unturned” long before we had the luxury to engage our target audiences through email marketing. This famous quote just happens to represent the same approach Benchmark Email takes to measuring your email campaigns. You can count on reports that provide you with the basic measurements, advanced analytics, and even afterthoughts such as the rate of emails forwarded. This is simply a metric that tells you the total percentage or number of your messages that have been forwarded by a recipient. Don't underestimate its power. This metric can indicate the viral ability of your emails and helps you pinpoint your advocates.

If you notice that your forward rate is low, don't be alarmed. These rates tend to be low across all email campaigns for all marketers. However, they are still very important for the simple fact that they can be indicative of your campaign’s success. Even if only a few subscribers forward your message, it is often a good sign that your content is doing its job of engaging and compelling others to share.