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Email Marketing Software Features

Nutrition & Diet Businesses

Industry Standard Features
You can derive a wealth of sophisticated state of the art benefits with Benchmark Email:

Advanced Message Scheduling - Your online communications may be set up to go out at any time you prefer. By applying highly sophisticated autoresponders, Benchmark Email provides the ability to schedule a series of countdown timers. These timers can be set up to be triggered by particular occurrences such as the date of the initial subscription, the customer's birthdate, the renewal dates or any other anniversary.

Comprehensive Video Integration - Benchmark Email provides a state of the art email video process allowing for running time durations of any length to promote the fullest extent of your nutrition and diet business' offers, activities, products and services. This delivery system can integrate educational and entertainment content while keeping critical file sizes at a minimum.

Contact List Management - As the volume of your subscriber base increases, maintaining your subscriber list becomes an arduous chore. Benchmark Email's list management capabilities can assist you in the tasks of segmenting, analyzing and rationalizing your subscriber lists so you can identify audience categories based on a sequence of behavior, gender and age specifications.

Delivery Assurance - Benchmark Email has been collaborating with international ISPs for years in order to provide an unparalleled delivery rate to its thousands of clients. Your nutrition and diet business will benefit from Benchmark Email's reliable delivery assurances and unwavering adherence to the highest level of best practice in the email service provision industry, as well as the implementation of anti-spam features.

Expertise & Technology - The technological infrastructure engineered and operated by Benchmark Email is of the highest level of capability in the industry and allows for any form of email, including HTML, video or even just plain text.

Full Tracking Reports Incorporating Visual Graphs - Benchmark Email's extensive email tracking reports offer an easily understood graphic illustration of your email campaign's results. Each data group is also explained in simple language without resorting to complicated technical jargon.

High Volume Plans - If your nutrition and diet business' subscription list exceeds 100,000 email addresses, Benchmark Email has dedicated server plans for High Volume Senders.

Polls & Surveys - Benchmark Email is known for its sophisticated surveying and polling methods utilized to design a customized range of customer participation forms. These forms allow you to target your campaign accurately according to the information provided by your nutrition and diet company's customers.

Social Media Tools - Benchmark Email can promote your message through the primary social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook to obtain the highest amount of "Shares" and "Likes," engaging your social networking audience in the conversational modes preferred on those popular platforms.

Templates - The experienced programming, graphics, marketing and content experts at Benchmark Email can provide hundreds of finely developed and effective email templates to integrate any form of graphics or video you prefer. If you have extremely particular requirements for your email newsletter templates, a custom designed template can be prepared for your exclusive use.