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Nutrition & Diet Businesses

The nutrition and diet sector is comprised of a wide selection of different facilities, locations, consultants, products and services. Industry professionals range from individual home-based diet consultants to degreed dieticians and beyond; services offered within the industry range from basic dietary planning and recipes to weight control spa resorts in five star hotels. The nutrition and diet business has become increasingly prolific over the past few decades, and is developing rapidly as more people want to lose weight and improve their eating habits. With the increase in demand has come growth in the number of individuals, companies and multi-national chain operations providing a range of nutritional assistance in the form of products and services.

There are countless internal variants on how different nutrition and diet business owners and managers implement their email and social networking strategies. Multi-national chain operations have committed considerable resources to online promotional communications, while smaller and more local businesses such as individual dieticians, weight loss consultants and health-oriented cooking instructors typically have not engaged in email and social media marketing yet. This particular factor is indicated by email newsletter subscription list sizes, which vary from just a few hundred in the case of the strictly local consultants to the tens or hundreds of thousands for the national chains and providers of diet aids, nutraceuticals and prepackaged foods.