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Create Compelling Content

Online Marketing for Writers

Step 1 - Create & Post Compelling Content
Today's writer needs an author website as much as they need a keyboard. Unfortunately, having the website alone will not lead to promotional success. You can build a thoroughly compelling author's website with the most motivating email newsletter subscription form on the net and still not draw any hits if no one knows about it. You have to put on your publicist's hat and actively spread the word online among other sites that deal specifically in your subject matter or area of interest:

Post interesting comments on forums & blogs
Ask sites if they would accept a guest blog or article
Write for article publishers like Squidoo or Associated Content
Always limit your marketing to a footnote or signature that contains a link to your email subscription form. Nobody wants to read 800 words on why they should buy your book. Establishing knowledgeable authority in your field will automatically cause readers to want to find out more about your book.
The Content Trifecta
When you're pondering how to write specific content that can drive traffic to your email subscription form, you have to ask yourself these questions about the "trifecta of content":

Original - Is it unduplicated, and reflects a completely unique viewpoint?
Valuable - Will your audience discover something of relevant merit by reading it?
Timeless - Is it so topical that it will quickly be yesterday's news?
Just like your manuscript writing, you should accept nothing short of perfection when you are creating your promotional content. There is an inherent merit in posting truly well-written content around the web that supersedes any SEO tactics or techniques. The search engines such as Google have been recently discounting tricks such as keyword stuffing while rewarding text that incorporates the Content Trifecta.

There are various methodologies that you can implement to give your optimally written promotional content additional exposure and drive more traffic to your email subscription list. Posts that consist of itemized lists usually receive more attention and linking than the more narrative articles. "Household Cleaning Uses For Vinegar" will be more highly valued if you add "The Top 20…" If you have any funds to invest in promotion whatsoever, you may want to choose ad network placements such as Google AdWords. Regardless of your budget you should spend time establishing relationships with bloggers, web ring operators and legitimate traffic exchangers. Also keep in mind that offline contacts can drive online success, so place your email subscription form's URL on your business cards; promotional materials for your book signings, book fairs or other personal appearances; and of course listed prominently in your book.