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Leverage Social Media

Online Marketing for Writers

Step 2 - Leverage Social Media
We live in the decade of social media, so if you're trying to publicize your works without having a presence on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and other networks, you might as well still be using a quill pen to write on parchment. Social media can allow an author to interact with readers and fellow writers, promote content that can develop viral mobility and reach key evangelists and influencers in your field. There are some primary keys for writers to achieve social networking promotional success by standing out amidst the over one billion pieces of content shared daily on Facebook alone:

Assist - Provide expert help and guidance rather than discussing me, me, me.
Follow - It's perpetual motion: the more people you follow, the more followers you'll get.
Connect - Reach out to established advocates and thought leaders with an honest approach.
Blog - There is no substitute for a well-written and informative blog to draw readers.
Ask - Posing questions to your social network followers will spark participation and conversation.
Link - Liberally attributing content to others will allow them to return the favor.
Visual-ize - A picture is worth 1,000 words, so make ample use of photos, images and videos to catch the eye.
Post - Tweet at least twice a day and post to Facebook daily without fail… while keeping it interesting.
Engage - Give your social followers ample reasons to remain intrigued.
The Content Trifecta should be considered before you post or tweet as well. Just because you've committed to three tweets a day, that doesn't equate to providing 140 characters of pap. If your followers have been attracted to your encyclopedic knowledge of the Ming Dynasty, your ruminations on Lindsay Lohan's legal problems will be of little interest.
Be a Big Fish in a Little Pond
There is considerable value in drawing attention to your book through the primary social news sites such as StumbleUpon, Reddit and Newsvine, but locating and joining microcommunities that share your specific interests can be a considerably greater source of social media success. Seeking to become a prime Go-to Guru in specifically targeted online coteries may just be your best promotional investment of time and energy. You'll find that being recognized as a big fish in a small pond is going to generate more interest than just being the 3,827th entry on Digg this morning.