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Broadcasting Your Marketing

Introduction to Online Marketing

Broadcasting Your Marketing
The YouTube brand has become synonymous with online video. This bustling online video community has captured the imaginations of users as well as businesses large and small. Marketers are flocking to YouTube because it's cheap, SEO-friendly, and already generates tons of traffic. The craze behind this sensation makes it hands down one of the best viral marketing channels available today.

YouTube is a big thing right now. How big? According to online monitoring firm Royal Pingdom, the site currently has 490 million unique visitors per month who generate an astounding 92 billion page views on a monthly basis. This only accounts for the domain at YouTube.com, not all the destinations that enable YouTube content to be viewed on both the conventional and mobile web. YouTube's steady growth offers tremendous reach while its cost effectiveness allows you to keep your video marketing expenses affordable.
Avoiding the Pitfalls of YouTube Marketing
Just like the major social networks, YouTube also has its disadvantages. In fact, these drawbacks are more significant than most other platforms. For starters, you are limited in terms of your ability to manage comments, which can be a time consuming task on its own. The limitations of this platform extend to the content of your post. Your videos are at the mercy of YouTube's policies. And because the site has strict rules regarding marketing content, your videos could be here one day and gone the next.

YouTube can be an effective marketing tool when you know how to avoid the pitfalls. Here are some things you don't want to do:

Spam - The nasty epidemic that infected the inbox has slithered across the entire web. Spam is anathema to everyone, and that includes YouTube users. You don't want to be too aggressive in your communications or create misleading titles that trick users into viewing your content.
Post Irrelevant Content - YouTube is a powerful viral marketing tool, but you can't just throw up anything and expect it to make an impact. Why should people watch your video? Where's the value? How will it benefit them? While a large number of YouTube videos are being viewed over and over, others are sitting there getting little to no play at all.
Commit Copyright Infringement - Infringing on someone's copyrights could get your video pulled from YouTube and result in more serious legal issues. You have to make sure that whatever you post is original in terms of both the video and audio content. Be imaginative about the unique benefits of your brand or solution and maintaining originality shouldn't be a problem.