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Benefits of Surveys

Marketing Online: Surveys and Email Polls

What Are the Benefits of Email Surveys?
The main draw of email surveys is interaction. By sending out a survey, you are essentially giving your audience an invitation to say what’s on their minds. It is strategy that gets your audience involved, and also returns that vital information needed to make the right adjustments. The fast, efficient delivery of email adds to the convenience of being able to revamp your email campaigns on the fly and execute an enhanced targeting strategy.

While the email survey may seem like the simplest of concepts, it is one of those basic little components that can make a huge difference in your results. Regularly conducting surveys allows you to reap benefits such as:

Engaging Communications – Conducting an email survey is another way of inviting your audience to converse and share what's on their mind. A survey is an engagement tool that if crafted precisely can pull your readers in and resonate better than most of the other communications you normally send them.

Performance Insight – If you really want to know how you are doing, just ask your customers. With a good email survey, you can learn exactly which areas of your business are in need of improvement.
Innovative Business Ideas – Your customers can be the best source for new and promising ideas. Ask the right questions and they can help you improve your exiting offerings, or launch new ones that make your portfolio even more attractive.
Trends Uncovered - A good survey can help you benefit beyond boosting engagement levels. Pay close attention and you may be able to spot important trends in feedback that enables you to get ahead, and enjoy a nice competitive advantage.
Customer Satisfaction - Having a high level of customer satisfaction doesn't mean everything is perfect. It could be the result of always allowing your customers to voice an opinion whenever they feel the need. A survey expands on this, giving customers the chance to have their say without interruption, and in turn, giving you the opportunity to meet their satisfaction by following up on the feedback.
Customer Retention - A well designed survey can be a key component in your customer retention program. By asking questions that quiz your audience on areas such as support and pricing, you can find out what it takes to keep customers around.
Customer Loyalty - An email survey can also play a key role increasing loyalty. This comes from gathering feedback that exposes what customers like, and don't like about your business. Once you uncover what has kept them around all this time, you can concoct a strategy that keeps them coming back, and referring your business to others.

These are just some of the many benefits email surveys have to offer. They provide a way to get a better feel for what your audience wants, and deliver without having to base your email marketing strategy on bold predictions. The key of course, is understanding their importance and how to put them to work.