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Email Statistics for the Industry

Party Supply Email Marketing

Party Supply Business Email Marketing Statistics
This guide summarizes recent research studies and surveys conducted on major party supply industry sources. The statistical information derived from these studies was correlated with the data obtained from the direct querying of party supply business managers and owners.
Party Supply Businesses that Engage in Email Marketing
Party supply businesses engage in email campaigns at a lower rate than other comparable industries. The uptake statistics for the party supply industry are as follows:

38 percent of owners and managers are currently engaging in email marketing
34 percent of owners and managers are not currently engaged in email marketing but plan to utilize it in the future
28 percent of owners and managers are not currently engaged in email marketing and do not plan to do so in the future
Party Supply Business Sending Frequency
Send frequencies for the party supply industry are typically monthly. Specific figures for the send frequencies for the party supply industry are:

31 percent: greater than monthly sends
60 percent: monthly sends
7 percent: alternating monthly sends
1 percent: quarterly sends
1 Percent: seasonal/annual sends
Party Supply Business Content Type
Sixty-one percent of party supply business owners indicate a preference for exclusively sales content within their email missives, while seven percent prefer exclusively informational content. Thirty-two percent report a mix of informational and sales content is their preferred method.
How Party Supply Businesses Obtain Email Subscribers
The subscriber sources for party supply businesses are skewed heavily towards current customers. The primary sources of email addresses for collection are:

Current client: 73 percent
Web-derived: 18 percent
Public promotional events: 6 percent
Promotional results: 2 percent
Purchased and supplied leads: 1 percent
Typical Party Supply Business Email Subscriber List Size
Party supply subscription lists tend to be either very large or very small, distributed respectively between large and small businesses. The following figures indicate the list size for party supply businesses:

Less than 500 subscribers: 38 percent
Between 500 and 1,000: 31 percent
Between 1,000 and 3,000: 5 percent
Between 3,000 and 5,000: 7 percent
More than 5,000: 19 percent
Party Supply Business List Segments
The party supply sector is not competitively segmenting their subscriber lists. Only 21 percent of businesses are applying any form of email segmentation, while the remaining 79 percent do not segment their lists by demographic, geographic or behavior-based categories at all.