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Industry Discussion

Party Supply Email Marketing

Party Supply Industry Discussion
The party supply industry contains independent stores, national chain operations, online e-tailers, sections within other retailers like dollar stores, department stores, hypermarkets; as well as other forms of general merchandise brick and mortar retailers and the sizeable party rentals sector. National chain operations can carry thousands of SKUs and stretch over many thousands of square feet in prime mall or other retail space; tiny or even seasonal operations such as the shopping center kiosk stocking Halloween party goods or the New Year's Eve temporary retail outlet exists on the other end. These two extreme styles of party supply retailers seem to have little in common - except that both can boost their bottom lines with an email marketing strategy. Email marketing offers an even playing field for all the extremes in the party supply industry to compete and win over the loyalty of an actively seeking consumer base.

Within the core of every group of customers, there are particular characteristics that can be leveraged to benefit party supply businesses. These characteristics not only determine the types of party supply products and services these customers are in the market for, but also the specific types of incentives that can motivate them through exposure to a coherent and professionally designed online marketing strategy.

Geography plays a significant role in an audience's demographic and disposable income parameters. A brick and mortar retail operation located in midtown Manhattan is much more likely to promote its NFL party offerings through the New York Jets or Giants Fan Party Kit of plates, napkins and cups costing upwards of $70 than a Buffalo location, which would likely be better off to feature the Buffalo Bills party plastic plate set at $1.99.

Demographics are just as important as disposable income in the determination of specific audience segments for your party supply business' email newsletter campaign. Young singles will be more likely to purchase sports, Valentine's and special event party supplies, while families will be more focused on birthday parties, Fourth of July, Thanksgiving and the holiday season. Gathering email addresses, especially if they are accompanied by some measure of personal information such as birth date, becomes a key factor in ensuring the success of any email marketing strategy.

It can be tricky to collect email addresses for your party supply store subscription list. Some of the situations where party supply businesses have been historically successful in obtaining new subscribers are:

At community events
At fairs, trade shows and expos
At fundraising events
At sports events
At the customer service desk through a business card drop
By sponsoring little league and other local teams
By training staff to ask for the email address in person and on the phone
Through exchanges set up with local caterers, party planners and other similar businesses in the event field
Via a guestbook
Via a website signup page

When building your subscriber list, it is essential to obtain clear, express and documented consent from the subscriber in order to send them information in an email campaign, as required by US legislation. Additional entries will provide you with greater opportunities to segment your list and boost sales for your party supply business.