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Email Software Features

Pet & Veterinarian Email Marketing

Industry Standard Features
Your pet and veterinarian business can derive great benefits from these technologically advanced features with Benchmark Email:

Advanced Message Scheduling - Benchmark Email allows the functionality to schedule your emails for delivery at any time, on any date you prefer. By utilizing highly sophisticated auto-responding functions, Benchmark Email can enable your pet and veterinarian business to set up countdown timers to coincide with any particular occurrences you wish, including the renewal date, an anniversary date or your subscriber's birthday.

Comprehensive Video Integration - Benchmark Email's state of the art capabilities include a video email process that allows the inclusion into your email template of any video productions you prefer while minimizing file sizes.

Contact List Management - Benchmark Email's permission based list management capabilities can segment, rationalize and streamline your subscription lists to allow you to precisely target your customer categories based on a significant variety of factors including geographic, behavior and demographic information.

Delivery Assurance - Benchmark Email is proud of its history of collaboration with the major worldwide ISPs, and it is these strong relationships that can be considered greatly responsible for the elevated delivery rate that is achieved on a continual basis. Benchmark Email's remarkable delivery assurances are based on a policy of adhering to the best practices as well as the application of effective anti-spam features to ensure that your pet and veterinarian business will benefit from an impeccable email reputation.

Full Tracking Reports Incorporating Visual Graphs - Benchmark Email's extensive email tracking reports offer an easily understandable, totally graphic view of all your email marketing campaign's figures. Each section of the report is explained in clear language without resorting to convoluted technical jargon.

High Volume Plans - Should your pet and veterinarian business' subscription list exceed 100,000 individual email addresses, Benchmark Email can utilize a series of advanced technologies that will facilitate your large scale sends.

Polls & Surveys - Obtaining key data on your pet and veterinarian business customers is a prime requirement to improve your segmentation processes. Benchmark Email can implement effective polling and surveying methodologies designed to obtain some of the most extensive data sets available and increase your bottom line results.

Social Media Tools - Benchmark Email can post your messages to the most popular social networking sites and gain the highest number of "Shares" and "Likes," engaging your social networking clients in the form of specific bilateral conversations they prefer.

Templates - The highly experienced content, graphics and programming professionals at Benchmark Email have engineered hundreds of precisely targeted, attractive templates to best portray your pet and veterinarian business' email marketing image. The designers at Benchmark Email can even create a custom tailored template for your exclusive use.