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Pet & Veterinarian Email Marketing

The information in this guide, Pet & Veterinarian: The Proper Care & Feeding of Your Business through Email Marketing was assembled to develop an overview on the current condition of email marketing campaigns as implemented by pet and veterinarian business owners and managers, and to help those business owners and managers hone their organization's online marketing campaigns. The statistics put forth in this guide are intended to assist individual pet and veterinarian businesses magnify their online marketing and promotional efforts with the following techniques:

Gaining an overview on how to design and manage an email and social media campaign set up to draw in new customers while maintaining the loyalty of existing clients
Breaking down the legal laws and ethics encountered during email marketing activities
Identifying critical determinant facts and figures so that an overview may be gained as to the bottom line results of the approaches implemented by other pet and veterinarian business owners and managers around the country
Implementing email marketing campaigns tailored for your pet and veterinarian business to gain market share and overcome your competition

Recently published statistical studies were used as the basis for this guide. The owners and managers of pet and veterinarian businesses across North America were surveyed about their business units for this paper's samplings; statistical content was obtained from all levels of the pet and veterinarian industry and can be reviewed in the Pet and Veterinarian Email Marketing Survey section.

The principal intention of this report is to raise questions pet and veterinarian business owners and managers must ask themselves to gain an understanding about the current state of their own email campaigns.