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Benchmark Software Features

Real Estate Email Marketing

Industry Standard Features

Extract a wealth of advantages for your real estate company with Benchmark Email:

Advanced Message Scheduling - Your online messages might be established to proceed outwards at any time you select, on any day and time that is believed to be the most propitious through your comprehension of your clients' favorite schedules. By integrating a set of highly advanced autoresponders, Benchmark Email provides you with the capabilities to create an agenda from a sequence of countdown timing facilities. These timers could be set up to be sparked by specific events such as the day of the first payment, the client's birthdate, the restoration dates, or any other anniversary date.

Comprehensive Video Integration - Benchmark Email supplies a thoroughly modern email video procedure that permits running times of any extent to propose the fullest magnitude of your company's offers, items, and services. This video process is able to incorporate academic and entertaining content while keeping large file sizes at a minimal level.

Contact List Management - As the capacity of your subscriber and contact lists continue to develop, it becomes an ever more intricate job to keep every email address up to date and validated. Benchmark Email's subscription and contact list administration abilities assist you in the task of sectioning, separating, and analyzing your subscriber lists in their entirety so that you can recognize customer category classes based on a pattern of behavior, gender, and age itemizations.

Creating & Focusing Campaigns - The expert specialists at Benchmark Email will create your finalized email marketing campaign to guarantee that your promotional plan is managed in the most professional manner available anywhere.

Delivery Assurance - Benchmark Email has been cooperating with the major world-wide ISPs for years in order to supply an unequaled delivery facility to its thousands of customers. Your real estate company will be profoundly advantaged by Benchmark Email's entirely trustworthy conveyance assertions due to the unfaltering attachment of the highest level of best practice in the email service provision business as well as the application of comprehensive anti-spam attributes.

Expertise & Technology - The technological infrastructure that was designed by Benchmark Email is of the highest level of capability in the email business and permits for any format of email including HTML, video, or even just ordinary text types to be reliably and coherently sent.

Full Tracking Reports Incorporating Visual Graphs - Benchmark Email's email tracking reports provide an easily and simply comprehensible pictorial representation of all your email campaign metrics. Each information set is also clarified in basic, simple language without resorting to complex lingo.

High Volume Plans - If your company's subscriber list surpasses the level of one hundred thousand email addresses, Benchmark Email can provide a dedicated server plan to make your large scale sends fast, easy, and efficacious.

Polls & Surveys - Benchmark Email is famed for its advanced methodologies used to create a customized variety of client participation poll and survey forms. These forms permit you to adjust your campaign precisely according to the data supplied by your company's clients.

Social Media Tools - Benchmark Email is in a position to act as an advocate for your overall online communication strategy through the main social networking locations of Twitter and Facebook in order to get the highest total of "Shares" and "Likes." These accomplishments have the advantageous result of engaging the social networking crowd in the colloquial methods that are favored on those popular online rostrums.

Templates - The highly skilled programming, technical arts, promotion, and content specialists at Benchmark Email supply hundreds of finely evolved and distinctly effectual email templates to incorporate any type of graphical art or video that you favor. If you have exceptionally specific necessities for your email newsletter templates, a custom template can be engineered for your fully exclusive utilization.