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Maximizing Lead Generation

Real Estate Email Marketing

The information in this report, Real Estate: Maximizing Lead Generation with Email Marketing, was correlated in order to provide a current insight on the state of email marketing campaigns for real estate businesses. The data in this report was gathered specifically to assist the individual owners and managers of real estate businesses in boosting their marketing efforts through application of the following procedures:

Gaining new insight on how to concoct and manage an email and social networking visibility campaign designed to draw in new buying and selling customers to your real estate services while reducing the turnover rate of present clients.
Comprehending the particular complexities of the prevailing ethical and industry standards that dictate real estate policies when implementing a coherent email marketing strategy
Deducing and explaining the most important metrics and statistics to gain an overview into the wide variety of promotional approaches among the email marketing strategies of the vast number of real estate companies across the nation.
Employing a suite of email marketing services tailored to the requirements and preferences of the owner, manager, or agent of any real estate business in order to maximize profitability.

An extensive collection of published data reports were scrutinized in order to form the basis for the statistical and metric information contained in this guide. The email marketing processes and methodologies harnessed by a variety of real estate businesses were analyzed to arrive at the conclusions found within this white paper. This data has been gathered from all levels of the real estate sector and may be scrutinized within the Real Estate Email Marketing Survey section.

The main objective of this guide is to supply answers to the questions that all real estate businesses must ask themselves in order to improve their online promotional communications strategies and to extend the impact and reach of their email and social media marketing campaigns to their buyers and sellers.