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Types of Email Campaigns

How to Start Email Marketing

The diversity of online marketing has given the email marketer a fair share of campaign types to launch. Each has its own merits, and all can be used to effectively meet specific needs. Following are some of the most common types of email campaigns and the advantages they have to offer:

Newsletter Campaigns - Newsletters and email marketing are a perfect match. Making a newsletter the center of your campaigns allows you to stay in touch with your audience at regular intervals, showcase your expertise to an audience hungry for knowledge, or conduct the level of marketing that converts prospects to customers. While the focus of a newsletter is generally to inform, it can be a powerful sales tool that helps boosts your profits.

Holiday Campaigns - Holiday campaigns are great ways to show that your business has a human pulse and recognizes special occasions. Even better are the opportunities they provide to greet your audience with updates, personalized thank you messages, and themed offers.
Promotional Campaigns - Email is the ideal platform for running promotions of all sorts. You could launch campaigns featuring weekly specials, monthly discounts, or huge spur of the moment sales designed to quickly move inventory. A finely tuned promotional campaign can serve as a testament to email's effectiveness as a sales channel.

As you can see, email marketing is fit for a variety of purposes, a reliable tool primed for generating sales, educating readers, testing new markets and much more. Bank on the tactic growing more diverse and useful as complementing technology continues to evolve.