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Optimizing for Success

How to Start Email Marketing

Online marketing often receives a questionable glance from the uninitiated. But the fact of the matter is that it offers genuine opportunities for organizations and individuals alike. Its success can be seen throughout the web, from the nationally known brand that has mastered e-commerce to the entrepreneur who makes a living promoting affiliate partner products. The continuous explosive growth of the internet hints that the online marketing playground will only become more lucrative.

According to Generations 2010, a report published by Pew Internet & American Life Project, users of almost all age demographics are plugged into the internet to some degree. The survey, which involves six generations of respondents, uncovered interesting trends on the different internet services preferred among age groups. Email came in as the most widely used service across all generations, topping out social networking, online banking, and even search.

EmailStatCenter.com anticipates that in 2011 brands will spend more money on online advertising than ever before. You have to wonder if they could do better and stretch their budgets further with something like email marketing. In this manual we’ll explore the advantages of using email campaigns to build brand recognition and consumer relationships, optimal strategy for online interaction, and how to reap the most reward from email tracking and analysis.