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Your First Impression

How to Write Email Subject Lines

The Subject Line: Your First Impression
Most consumers have dozens if not hundreds of unread messages sitting in their inbox. Why all the chaos? They do not feel enticed to open them. The email's subject lines lack the pizzazz that should have driven them to want to know more.

Whether it is a newsletter, sales offer, or update, your subject line deserves the utmost attention. You don’t want to be the marketer who views it as a mere afterthought and ends up wondering why their open rates are suffering. It doesn’t matter what you have waiting for the recipient inside. If your subject line does not compel them to open the message, they will never even see it. A poor subject line could negate all the hard work you put into your inner content.

Cranking out punchy subject lines for every email campaign is not necessarily a walk in the park. However, it is a skill you must learn to master quickly. Inboxes everywhere are overflowing, so it is up to you to make sure your message stands out from all the hubbub competing for the subscriber’s attention. Being able to stand out on a consistent basis requires working knowledge of the dos and don’ts of subject line writing.